Centerpoint on Mill

The City of Tempe undertook a concentrated effort in the mid-70's to redevelop its downtown into an architecturally striking, mixed-use area which would not be completely reliant on adjacent Arizona State University.  As one of the first and largest redevelopment projects in downtown, Centerpoint’s mix of specialty retail and office uses helped establish the now burgeoning a Class-A office market in Tempe, virtually unduplicated anywhere in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Recognizing and building upon the context established by adjacent turn-of-the-century buildings, the design is highlighted by a spacious plaza which reflects the pedestrian orientation of downtown Tempe.  Sympathetic to the traditional scale of the main street, single-story retail is placed adjacent to the street, stepping back to the mid-rise office buildings. Utilizing traditional building materials in an updated expression, the red brick exterior, standing seam metal roofs, brick paved sidewalks, canvas awnings over street level storefronts, neon accent lighting and other details help to give a festive, human scale to the project. A series of fountains in the plaza uses special effects such as foaming, fogging and integrated, changeable lighting to create visual interest and a sense of discovery at the heart of the project. 

  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Client:DMB, Berwind Reality Services Inc.
  • Team:Steve Bassett | Mike Burke | Yvonne Gee | Buck Yee | Lynda Young | Mark Taylor | Randy McManus | Brent Kendle | Mike Edwards | Lisa Davis
  • Date:1987-1996
  • Services Provided:Architecture | Interiors | Urban Design
  • Size: 670,000 sf Office
    200,000 sf of Restaurant/Retail
    11-screen Movie Theater