Fender Musical Instruments

The aesthetic representation of Fender's unique image - past, present and future - was our primary focus. The central core unit is a Candy Apple Red (Fender's signature product color for over fifty years) curved structure reminiscent of the shape of a guitar. Lit display cabinets that showcase a revolving array of products from guitars to amplifiers flank the core along with a transparent glass mural with a similar guitar shape and strings forming the backdrop for the receptionist.

The business operations included very disparate functions ranging from Research and Development to Finance. The environment required the departments to interface while maintaining a separate presence. To execute this successfully, the space was dissected with a central core unit housing common functions (Reception, Breakroom, Soundrooms, Restrooms) with the intent that although each department would retreat into their respective areas, they would also converge at various times of the day in the central core.

Acoustics were also a critical issue as the Sound Room was designed as a central feature. It was imperative that sound would not be unreasonably transmitted throughout the space. This was achieved by pouring the concrete slab of the Sound Room separately from the main slab of the building. The interior partitions of the soundrooms are disengaged from the exterior partitions of the rooms, and the HVAC was designed to penetrate vertically from the roof directly to the room.

2002 IIDA PRIDE Award – Designer’s Choice Award

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Client:Fender
  • Team:Niki Possas | Robert Morris
  • Date:2002
  • Services Provided:Interiors
  • Size: 55,000 sf