American Traffic Solutions

American Traffic Solutions consolidated their nearly 700 employees from two valley locations into the new 2-story headquarters to Waypoint at Riverview. The architecture’s modern aesthetic was designed with an expansive open floor plate configuration providing an efficient space planning environment. The building’s well organized fenestration leads into an expansive glass-and-metal two story atrium, the building’s focal point.

ATS’s company practice of ‘People First’ was folded into the work environment, incorporating an open and transparent workplace where the department lines are blurred. Strategically planning inbound offices allowed for a majority of employees to experience excellent natural lighting and vistas while promoting desirable interaction with neighboring departments. Multiple carpet tile patterns and vibrant accents stretch the width of the building creating a cohesion of space. Collaborative environments were designed throughout the office to encourage interaction and highlight the employee focused culture.

  • Location: Mesa, AZ
  • Client: American Traffic Solutions
  • Team: Mike Edwards | Mike Krentz | Eugene Spiak | Arnold Orozco | Simone Schoen | Kaitlyn Simonsen | Hannah Massarat
  • Date: 2014
  • Services Provided: Architecture | Interiors
  • Size: 108,200 sf