W Phoenix

This fresh design approach demonstrates remarkable cost performance and will bring world class, contemporary architecture to downtown Phoenix. The massing and exterior skin design of the building produce significant cost advantages and simplify construction – essential to hotel operational success. Vertically stacking the condominium and hotel floors adjacent to, rather than over ballroom areas creates optimal structural efficiency. The design is enhanced by a unique cost effective patterned window wall and metal building skin optimized for solar orientation.

“Create value and economic success for our clients through design excellence and innovative thinking; it's what we do.” - Richard Drinkwater

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Client: Suns Legacy Hotel Investors
  • Team: Richard Drinkwater | Mike Davis | Travis Smith | Tim Struck | Ray Besignano | Daniel Gottlieb | Rory Carder | Dina Naslund | Michelle Romero | Robyn Brous
  • Date:In Design
  • Services Provided:Architecture | Urban Design
  • Size:40 Stories - 450 feet
    220 Keys
    150,000 sf 120 D.U.
    20,000 sf Restaurants | Bar | Spa and Fitness Areas