With bright and contemporary industrial aesthetic, this dynamic studio supports and showcases the different ways design professionals conceptualize and assemble a design. Designers work in open stations facilitating one-on-one collaboration and design, hold meetings in ground floor conference spaces and an open mezzanine; and assemble in the large open multipurpose café/bar for presentations, project critiques, educational events and socializing. The design process in various stages is showcased through the use of multi-media displays mounted along the path of travel and is a working tool for patrons, clients, guests and designers alike.

  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Client: DFDia
  • Team: Mike Davis | Michelle Romero | Amy Dooley | Niki Possas | Dina Naslund | Anthony Gallegos
  • Date: 2006
  • Services Provided:Interiors
  • Size: 8,000 sf