Hayden Ferry Lakeside

Hayden Ferry Lakeside began with the development of Tempe Town Lake in the late 1990’s. Today it is one of the most important business addresses in of all Metropolitan Phoenix, and a frequently featured ‘Chamber of Commerce style advertisement’ for the State of Arizona.

DAVIS’ design concept for the lakefront location is a character of born of nautical origins. Imagery evocative of boats at anchor, yachts, billowing sails, harbor motifs; all inform the architecture and site design. Curvilinear forms of wave inspired shapes and a rich cobalt blue glass floating above stone bases gives the project a distinct urban presence unmatched in the region. The iconic 12-story Tower II adjacent to the Mill Avenue Bridge serves as the gateway to downtown Tempe and features a spectacular lobby with an adventurous underwater theme incorporating backlit blue art glass walls and granite finishes.

Tower III, sited on the corner of Rio Salado and Mill in Tempe, culminates the campus design with a powerfully refined architectural expression that is contemporized for the new century. The nautical, lakefront concept evolves into a more futuristic, aeronautical and digital space age character. The curved ship’s sail forms of its predecessors are rendered as more streamlined and sleek wing forms, topped with airfoils and edged by vertical blades. The urban node is accuated by a 165’ tall LED lit spire, cantilevered balconies and a digital reader board. The tower has a clean prismatic, minimalist form that rises continuously from the plaza, surrounded by a rock water feature from which it appears to emerge. Nonessential details are eliminated; a more sleek and contemporary language of glass and steel reflects our modern business milieu.

The Tower III lobby reaches new heights of sophistication for Hayden Ferry Lakeside with a final conceptual riff on water as a theme - here as absence. Water is reflected as past event having carved and sculpted the huge curving expanse of space from the mass of the building, the stratified wood feature wall and curved desk and seating elements in stone evoking sculpted erosional landforms. A dramatic sinuous white sculpture punctuates the space, like a fossilized underwater life form. The space itself flows seamlessly into the plaza through a full height wall of structural glass.

2016 AZRE RED Award – Best Office over 100,000 sf (HFL III)
2010 NAIOP - Project of the Decade
2008 AZRE RED Award – Best Office (HFL II)
2007 NAIOP – Talk of the Town (HFL II)
2007 NAIOP – Best Spec Office over 125,000 sf (HFL II)
2007 Gold Nugget Grand Award - Best Office/Professional Building (HFL II)
2003 Gold Nugget Award of Merit – Best Office/Professional Building 60,000 sf and Over (HFL I)
2003 Beautification Award of Distinction
2002 NAIOP Talk of the Town (HFL I)
2002 NAIOP Mid-High Rise Office Building of the Year (HFL I)

  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Client: Phase I - SunCor Development Company
    Phase II - SunCor Development Company
    Phase III - Parkway | RYAN Companies
  • Team: Phase I - Cornoyer+Hedrick: Bob Hedrick | Steve Bassett | Brent Kendle | Riccardo Cattapan | Oscar Hernandez | Buck Yee | Lynda Young | Robert Morris | Randy McManus | Rick Garlock | Ronald Tom | Chris Fogle | Dan Maldonado | Jason Chamberlin | Michael Tomlin | Gary Johnson | Carlos Naranjo | Michelle Evans | Brenda Andersen | Jeff Anderson | Fernand Mercado | Brad Wilson | Helen Bowling | Artie Vigil | Greg Turner

    Phase II: Mike Davis | Richard Drinkwater | Buck Yee | Randy McManus | Rick Garlock | Sasha King | Michelle Romero | Rory Carder | Charlie Otto | Donna Shirlaw | Rick Markum | Chris Bromley | Lou Ercolano | Sophia Klopp | Wayne Shirlaw | David Moore | Josh Adkins | Mitch Armstrong

    Phase III: Richard Drinkwater | Larry Boardman | Buck Yee | Rick Garlock | Sophia Klopp | Travis Smith | Vince Territo | Wayne Shirlaw | Sasha King | Victoria St Clair | Eugene Spiak | Megan Payne | Clay Friese | Dan Ray-Burnett | Lito Aquino
  • Date: Phase I - 2002
    Phase II - 2007
    Phase III - 2015
  • Services Provided: Architecture | Interiors | Urban Design
  • Size: Phase I - 200,000 sf Office
    Phase II - 300,000 sf Office
    Phase III - 265,000 sf Office